Five Must-Have Sofas And Chairs For Summer 2014

377487864_186abb0b11Interior design trends change with the seasons, and sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of what’s hot, and what’s not! The good news is that there are loads of different trends when it comes to furniture this season, and we’ve collated five must-have sofas and chairs that will add a touch of style to any home – keep reading to find out more.

Bamboo Textiles – What Makes The Fiber Special?

Screenshot from 2014-07-02 12_28_33.2Bamboo, a member of the grass family, is more popular as a supporting element in constructions. But it also has a role to play in the clothing industry. This benign natural element is used in the creation of a fabric that is used extensively in fashion and textile applications. Fabrics created out of bamboo are very soft and lustrous with the ability of color variation.

How To Choose The Best Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

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Wood Floors Flooring is the basis for your home environment and can have a exciting effect on the view and functionality of every room. The right flooring can create a palette of color and surface to feature your furnishings or make small spaces feel larger. Choice of flooring can affect the resonance of your home and can offer physical and visual excitation.

How To Select The Suitable Place For Residential Gardening

modern architecture, new empty apartment, roomResidential Gardens Garden can add beauty to your yard and value to your home. Gardener has his own set of typical that make him fit for different styles. You can easily have an border over other gardeners if you identify yourself and how your typical style would benefit your vegetable yield in the organic vegetable garden that you are attempting to evolve. From the various forms of gardening styles, which would suit you the most.