How To Lessen The Pain Of Painting Sash Windows

images (2)It doesn’t take a genius to figure out after just a single glance that sash windows can be uniquely challenging to paint. Not only do they present the same issues as any standard type of window, but there are also those pesky mullions to address too – often dozens of the things. The mullions are the little bits of added framing that hold the smaller panes of glass in place, or in some cases just sit on top of the glass and make it look like they’re in fact smaller frames.

Calabasas Plumbers

Have you dealt with poor service from a plumber in the past? Having any plumbing issues at home or at your business? If you’re hesitant to hire another plumber, we understand your concern. At Curtis Plumbing Repair, we want to gain your confidence and trust with our world class service. We have been taking on all the major and minor pipe issues in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our highly trained technicians stand by their quality work.

Designing The Perfect Garden Home Office

Working patterns have changed so much in recent times, with the digital revolution freeing up many of us to operate from home. No longer being slaves to the commute, working from home gives us increased productive hours at our desks and more time for our families – making for a much better work/life balance.

Five Must-Have Sofas And Chairs For Summer 2014

377487864_186abb0b11Interior design trends change with the seasons, and sometimes it can be hard to keep on top of what’s hot, and what’s not! The good news is that there are loads of different trends when it comes to furniture this season, and we’ve collated five must-have sofas and chairs that will add a touch of style to any home – keep reading to find out more.