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Types of materials for kitchen furniture: Tips for choosing

The kitchen is the space where more work is done within a home or food business, where elements such as the humidity produced by the water, the steam of the burners and the oven, and the occurrence of blows in food processing are important to take into account when determining what furniture you need for your kitchen.

Today I will be commenting on the types of materials for kitchen furniture, its fundamental characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, elements to consider when choosing and some additional tips. So continue with us and in the end you will have a better idea of ​​how to choose.

Initial tips

Before talking about kitchen furniture materials, I recommend focusing on the functional level that we need our kitchen to have. These questions will help you:

How many burners will you have on your countertop? With this we will determine the size of the kitchen, hood, necessary space, amount of heat that will be produced.

What size oven and what maximum temperature do you need it to take? If you like to make roasts or pastries you will need a good oven.

How many scrubbers will it have and what will be the level of use it will have? We will also know whether to set them apart, on an island, or if it is a simple one, because their use is low, it can be well accommodated in any variant.

From the answer to these questions in general, you can determine if the furniture materials you need should be highly resistant or you will have the flexibility to choose. We already have an idea of ​​the use that we will give to our kitchen; if it will be a lot I advise you some resistant and durable furniture.

The next element to assess is from the aesthetic-decorative point of view. To do this, you have to think about the style of decoration that you would like best; the colors that would make you feel better to your taste and that at the same time combine.

In matters of style one could think of rustic kitchens, where wood plays an important role. You may like modern kitchens, with trends in the use of synthetic and / or combined materials. Also modern minimalist kitchens.

In the matter of colors it is always to resort to light colors that the person likes and that harmonize with the other spaces of the house.

Types of Kitchen Furniture Materials

Having these elements clear, as we begin to assess the types of materials for kitchen furniture that are generally used, for each one we will be assessing their fundamental characteristics and based on the previous answers, you can determine which one is closest to your needs and taste. Acrylic solid sheet is also one of the best options.

Lacquered furniture for kitchens

This type of materials for kitchen furniture is characterized by the finishing of lacquered layers on a base material, mainly MDF boards. Since the finishing process is the lacquering process, there are many variants and models that you can find. These layers are applied in different thicknesses, light colors being the most striking. Although there is matt lacquered, textured, high gloss are one of the most used by these times.

As advantages they have are their ease of cleaning, with a little water and detergent will suffice. The finishes are complete, having no joints, have greater durability and tend to be more resistant to the creation of fungi in moisture. It is possible to repair them against damage caused by scratches or blows that are too strong to split. They are heat resistant, so they can be used without problems around burners.

As elements in the opposite direction is that dark colors, although they can give a lot of aesthetics, the scratches and traces of daily work are more visible, so they will require additional maintenance. In relation to prices I can tell you that it is relative to countries or regions, being able to be in some quite expensive, but in general they have an acceptable price.

Wooden furniture

In this group I will only mention solid wood furniture, leaving those that are laminated wood for poly-laminate furniture. Really the most classic furniture and one of the most durable. The solid wood gives us hardness and resistance and if its finish is adequate, the times of use will be very high. Currently there are many pine furniture, since it is one of the most economical woods, but you can also see mahogany, cedar, carob furniture in its various colors and other precious woods. Perfect for vintage, rustic decorations or for antique lovers. This is one of the furniture materials that offer us great flexibility in design, giving ample coverage to the cabinetmaking. While they are good, they are also very expensive for the price of the raw material.

Poly-laminate furniture for kitchens

There are many types of poly-laminates; its basement is the smelting of several sheets or layers of materials through heat and with the use of various glues. Among the best known are coated MDF boards, such as melamine or lacquered. In the case of Melamine, it is one of the furniture materials where its coating is a bit sensitive to moisture and heat, it is recommended for storage or structure drawers that do not have direct contact with the sink, oven and burners.

We must be very careful in the areas of union, since they are the first that tend to take off. As a positive element is the wide variety that exists, smooth, textured, of various colors, even simulating other materials such as wood. Their prices are very cheap, being a good option for kitchens that do not have a great use and at the same time you can achieve the decoration you want.

Another of the poly-laminates is Formica, widely recognized for its durability and beauty. This is manufactured by pressing at high pressures of several layers with which a very durable material is achieved. Recommended for places where water and fire will do theirs, although its resistance to fire has a limit, but not to moisture. The Formica is one of the materials for kitchen furniture that allows us more designs, being very modern for its wide diversity of models and colors, it is easy to maintain and its price is quite affordable. If you keep in mind that over time it tends to lose its brightness, so I would recommend looking for matt furniture.

Metal furniture

Until some time ago it was not an option in kitchen decorations, but the truth is that little by little it has gained many followers. The perfect metal is stainless steel, being one of the materials for kitchen furniture that offers us an almost eternal durability, with a very bright and striking finish. As such it has high prices, so I recommend combining them with other materials. From the design point of view, it is also good to combine it, because it’s bright and white color transmits a lot of coldness, so adding other colors can bring you better feelings. There is also steel coated in paint, excellent for making bold decorations.

Other materials

In this case we find other types of furniture materials that combine to achieve kitchens with excellent taste. Mainly they are only pieces such as tile countertops, which are rarely seen, their manufacture is handmade, but their durability is very good and the design possibilities are quite wide. In costs it could be said that they are variable depending on the quality of the finish and the country where they are manufactured. The Italian is the most expensive and recognized.

Finally I want to add one more thing is that Acrylic solid surface sheet is the best option for your kitchen furniture. Flexibond is one of the best Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

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